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So, if you are getting ready for a date with a hot blooded Sicilian, then here are some general tips on what Italian men are like.True that stereotyping is not practical, but it is often useful in understanding one culture from another and hence will help you understand your Italian man better.“Most people are convinced this romance with Mathia is nothing more than a fling.” Despite their concern, it’s believed loved ones won’t dare defy Lindsay on the matter.She is supposedly staunch about her beliefs and is unwilling to hear no when it comes to having children with Mathia.Men and women from different parts of the world will have different notions of dating.For instance, what is right in the eyes of an American man may be wrong in the eyes of an Italian man.

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The 28-year-old Mean Girls actress recently began dating Italian businessman Mathia Milani.

Mama's Boys - Italian men are extremely family oriented. They are definitely mama's boys and most of them still live at home! So, if you are interested in an Italian man, do not talk ill of his mom.

Do impress the old lady, if it is within your capabilities, but these ladies will be hard to please with very high expectations for the women their sons choose.

If you count the times I did it, probably the number is in itself ridiculous.

My passion was him, I gave myself completely, and I lost my balance…[after the break-up] People felt sorry for me and I could not even defend myself. I was trying to be numb towards life, not to feel pain. A silly example: even when I was waxing, I did not even feel anything.

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