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Bold360, the market-leading omni-channel enterprise chat solution provides the best live chat for website customer care.You can use Bold360 to engage your customers through live chat, video chat, email, SMS, and Twitter.Video-enabled chat allows customer support agents to provide help in a more personal manner that results in improved customer satisfaction.the ability to conduct a video chat can make a positive impact on support case resolution times as well as generate more sales.(Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty via Storyful) After masked protesters stormed Macedonia's parliament in the capital Skopje on Thursday evening to attack opposition lawmakers, Russia's foreign ministry has blamed the United States and the European Union for the political turmoil.

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Conservatives expressed outrage on Thursday when an ethnic Albanian was elected as parliamentary speaker. representation in any Balkan state and has recently struggled to not be dragged into the domestic political debate. Half a year later, the United States is now facing allegations claiming the opposite, but analysts say there is no evidence of any actual U. One important support technology is video chat software used for online live chat in websites.Most live chat solutions enable customer support agents and their customers to communicate via basic messaging only.The origins of Macedonia's political turmoil are predominantly domestic, however. A snap election in December, which was part of that deal, created an even more severe deadlock situation by empowering opposition parties to some extent, but leaving no party with a clear majority. — of which Macedonia is not a member — the union's involvement in the deal that created the current deadlock has dragged Brussels far deeper into the domestic conflict than the United States.For the last two years, Macedonian politics have been paralyzed, leaving the country divided between supporters of the increasingly repressive conservative government and opposition groups. Although Albanian parties and the Social Democrats would be ready to form a coalition, such a move has been blocked by the country's president, whose approval is needed. “The United States Government does not endorse candidates in other countries’ elections. There are no signs of an imminent solution to the political turmoil.

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