Amanda beard on dating michael phelps

(Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images North America) Scary Spice Melanie Brown, aka Mel B, debuted her lingerie line with Ultimo at NYC's Fashion Week.While nothing groundbreaking, her designs were flirty, feminine, and wearable. Read Full Story Amanda Beard competes in the Women's 200m Breaststroke at the National Aquatics Center on Day 5 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.Beard said she has no idea how the romance rumor started.x93To tell you the truth, we donx92t even talk to each other,x94 she added.Meanwhile, Phelps was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, but declined to dish on the details of his love life.x93My private life is my private life,x94 he said. You guys know everything else.x94In addition to Beard, Phelps has been linked to model Lily Donaldson.Beard actually acts as if she was disgusted at the thought. Now Beard wants to pretend she was just kidding, “Everyone who knows me knows I can be a jokester, but I guess I took it too far,” the four-time Olympian tells . That’s pretty cool.” And what celebrity does Phelps have a crush on? Amanda Beard does have a photographer boyfriend and said, “He’s been here [at the Olympics] ““ he’s always with me,” she says of her boyfriend. (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images Asia Pac)Good rumor, but nope, not gonna happen.Here is what Amanda had to say when asked if she was hooking up with Michael "Got Me 8 Gold Medals" Phelps:"Eww, that's nasty...

"Part of my life is kept to myself," Phelps responds. Those pretty much are the only people who really know the answer to that question." Keeping mum on his private life hasn't stopped bevies of beauties from going gaga over Phelps -- including country cutie Carrie Underwood!Amanda's advertisement was featured at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and read (via Pop "Seeing animals slaughtered to be worn as fashion is awful to me, so I’m definitely against wearing fur...Read Full Story Amanda Beard let two bits of surprising news drop today. Secondly, she's nearly five and a half months pregnant. From an article here at Zimbio: Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard, who was named one of People's Most Beautiful People in 2008, has a surprise: she's married and pregnant. Don't Miss: 20 Hottest Athletes of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Amanda Beard Bares All for Animal Rights Amanda Beard Models Scary Spice's Underwear Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard, who was named one of People's Most Beautiful People in 2008, has a surprise: she's married and pregnant.I have never, ever hooked up with Michael Phelps," Beard said via telephone from Beijing on the "Johnjay and Rich Show," which is broadcast on Kiss FM 104.7 in Phoenix. "He's really not my type." Asked how the poolside rumors made their way into London's Daily Telegraph, Beard said she had no clue. " ***** Amanda Beard told Tuesday's Access Hollywood she and Michael are "just friends," and then brought her boyfriend Sasha on camera with her and gave him a hug."We don't even talk to each other," she said of her relationship with Phelps. Phelps has been known to listen to music before races and reveals to "Extra" what's on his i Pod saying, "Rap, hip hop, Lil Wayne..." News that American Idol alum, Carrie Underwood, has a crush on him, he admits, "That's the first I've heard of that.

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